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Flurry Friday 32: Halloween – It’s All About Story

This week on Flurry Friday… Happy Halloween! Chris answers a great question about The Redwall game asked by Thomas Moloney on Facebook. Thomas:”I think adventure style would be a good way to gamify the individual books. Are we talking original content here or the gamification of books here?” Chris: The answer is both. We felt…


Flurry Friday 31: G Prime, The Story Behind the Story

This week on Flurry Friday… With G Prime finally ready to ship we’re doing an initial “soft launch” where we can collect some feedback, learn a few lessons, and maybe cut off  bug or two in the process before things “go big” on Xbox One January 6, 2016…which “happens” to be Epiphany for anybody watching.…


The G We Always Wanted To Make

There’s an old saying that you never really finish a poem, you just give up on it. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, sometime this month we expect to submit G Prime to Microsoft and call it “done.”  – I’m practically giddy. When we started our first game, G: Into The Rain, we…