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Flurry Friday 12 – From a whisper to a scream

I try to make a semi-regular habit of getting away from any and all technology, usually in the wilderness somewhere, and spending a day alone with The Spirit. We call it a DAWG day – A Day Alone With God. Two years ago I came back from that bonfire with a strong sense that the…


Flurry Friday 11 – WUR featured by Kotaku

No video today.  A few weeks have gone by since our last update. We took some much needed time away over Christmas and New Years. Wind Up Robots and Santa’s Giftship was featured for the third week in a row on iTunes as New and Noteworthy.  Today we were pleased to see that Wind Up…


Flurry Friday Episode 10 – Double Feature…and rest

Today was just a great day to set us off on a long needed period of rest. Wind Up Robots launched last week and today it was featured on Apple’s New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. On Tuesday we launched Santa’s Giftship (under our Code-Monkeys label) and it too was featured. That’s two featured apps…