One Million downloads…

When Soma Games was started I don’t think we had any idea that such a number was even a possibility. At other times, as we saw certain titles explode onto the scene with huge download numbers, a mere 7 figures seemed like a gimmie. Today, with both extremes more tempered by poise, we recognize the milestone as significant…but we’ve only just begun.

As I write this, the ‘news’ o the number is at least a few months old and it was something I’ve been meaning to note ever since then. No matter what it’s an auspicious event and worth pointing out. But have you ever come to a place that you thought was a destination only to find it was simply a checkpoint?

2013 has been off with a bang and in a weird way this milestone and its meaning has been lost in the glittery explosions of other cool things like the surreal opportunity to work with Redwall.

Nevertheless, a pause seems appropriate. Being excited, being grateful, and trying to keep it all in perspective  – all of those are good. So today, we celebrate a number: 1 Million. And we offer a giant thank you to all the people who have supported us, encouraged us, and shared a robot, or a spaceship, with a friend.

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