The Seven MmountiansI’ve been reading ‘The Seven Mountain Prophecy’ and from what I can gather the book has been making a significant stir since it was published in 2008.

If you’re into such things you can read the book as a genuine ‘vision’ and all that goes with such a statement or you just read it as a kind of social manifesto wrapped in some colorful imagery. Either way, I was really excited to see this guy talking about some things that I’ve been saying for since Soma was first hatched. He says that the entertainment industry, and more specifically video games in my particular sphere, need a Christian presence and influence. In the book, he lays out seven ‘mountains’ as power centers in society: Government, education, media/news, religion, economy, family and the arts (he calls this mountain celebration). And from this premise he lays out a series of observations on each mountain and then strategies for Christians to use to approach and influence them.

I’ve always seen Soma Games as something that was attempting to infiltrate an industry that really has no taste for Christians. As a niche, I don’t know another business that has so little Christian presence…ok, maybe there are fewer Christians in the porn niche (but then again…maybe not). So the image rang an instant bell for me.

Enlow also has some great quotes that I couldn’t agree with more. He says, “By and large…our [artists] seem to rarely access the awesome, raw creativity of our God, but rather follow the world’s cues about what is hip, cool and cutting edge” –  PREACH IT! He also talks about the critical role of skill in any artistic endeavor. I think in video games this is particularly acute since the artform is so deeply technical. Bad graphics, mediocre sound, buggy code – those things are absolute deal breakers and yet it’s something the Christian game niche has been willing to tolerate under the banner of being nice and ‘edifying’ the people producing the work.

There’s a a lot to think about in this book and I admit the overarching theme really appeals to me. He omits video games as one of the mountain’s genres but I won’t blame him for that…his bio photo suggests he’s over 45 and that probably means he thinks games are for kids…I’ll try to correct him. 🙂

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