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(April 10, 2013)
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Here at Soma Games, we're really trying to do something here that has never been done right - make high quality, no compromise video games that reflect the Christian vision of reality.

Dark GlassBut we need your help!

You can read more details on this website but the bullet goes like this: making a kick-butt video game costs money. We can raise money from venture capitalists, but every dollar we take from them is a degree of control that we loose to The Man. Every dollar we raise through regular folks like you gets us closer to that 'no compromise' part where we can really do this right.

So here's the deal: we need to be careful about how we say this for legal reasons but you'll get the idea. If you purchase this "special" desktop wallpaper for $15, you will be able to trade in that wallpaper for a free copy of our first game, ARC, when (and if) that is released. Right now, the projected price point for ARC is $19.95 so you're looking at about a 25% discount. But we can't call this a pre-sale or the legal people freak...so you are really buying a wallpaper. Get the picture?

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We know that this is a little chintzy right now with the Paypal thing, but it was a last minute idea and we did what we could in a limited time...

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