I just read an article in Bloomberg Businessweek called ‘Apple’s Endlessly Expanding (App) Universe‘ in which Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “We only shipped [the iPad] on Saturday, and on Sunday we rested.”


“Blasphemy” seems like such a strange idea to me as a modern American. It’s frankly one of the hang-ups I have reading the gospels. Here are all these people wigging out on Jesus over a concept that remains difficult for me to really wrap my head around. But when I read this quote, particularly in proximity to a few other recent things surrounding Jobs and Apple, the hair on the back of my next stood up and I suddenly felt like I was standing next to a guy flying a kite in a thunderstorm.

Look, Soma is an openly Christian company so I hope it wont irk anybody to find me bothered when Jobs compares himself, even in jest, to God. But I need to be honest, in my heart there’s a lot less of me feeling offended and more of a sense that…um…somebody ELSE may be offended, if you catch my drift.

But this perhaps Puritan sentiment aside, there is a broader and completely earthly problem brewing here. In the spirit of full disclosure I’ve been an Apple fan since I played Oregon Trail on an Apple IIE in Mrs. Warm’s 7th grade class. Every computer I’ve ever purchased (for myself) has been a Mac. I’ve loved Apple for a long time and I remain giddy at what they’ve done with the various iThings. All that said – I’m starting to get a little uneasy in Apple’s company.

One thing people can’t abide, Americans most of all, is hubris. I doubt any single characteristic turns us away like arrogance and where Apple has benefitted for many long years from appearing to be the underdog that perception is changing rapidly.

  • Justified or not, the way Apple has handled the debate over Flash has made them appear anti-competitive and even mean by calling Adobe ‘lazy’. (a little game company can call them lazy and sound edgy, Apple says the same thing and it sounds, at best, undignified.)
  • With Apple’s market-cap passing Microsoft, that ‘underdog’ don’t hunt no more.
  • The whole scene with Gizmodo and the iPhone played out to make Apple look like thugs picking on a poor blogger and eating sour grapes.

I need to be clear here, I think Apple has good reason and every right to omit Flash. I’m glad to see Apple succeed financially, fair reward for a job well done. I think what Gizmodo did was at the very least shady and probably constituted extortion. Still – the point of this post is not to debate whether or not Apple is right, but rather if they have become arrogant, and comparing yourself to God, even for a cynical Buddhist, is way arrogant. It’s arguably the main reason Jesus himself got cucified.

God resists the proud and Americans despite the pompous. One way or another, I suspect Apple will pay a heavy price if they don’t get that ego-stink far away from their shiny lucite logo.

And while I’m thinking about corporate hubris, why is Zuckerburg sweating so much and what’s with the iluuminati logo?


  1. Shortly after I posted this article I started to pay attention to a rash of bad luck Apple started to have. Some annoying, others ominous. It wasn’t my intent to be prophetic…but there it is…it’s like the lightning is getting closer…

    WWDC Keynote WiFi woes may have been due to iPhone 4 drivers

    Apple’s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed

    Apple’s Mobile Rules To Get FTC Scrutiny

  2. I thought the exact same thing as you when I read Jobs’s comment about resting on Sunday. Seems like, as Apple’s grown in influence, their ego has grown to match the inflated persona they present to the media.

    Makes the wisdom of not putting all your eggs in Apple’s basket all the more apparent.

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