Long Patrol Character Concept

Long Patrol Character Concept

So we’ve got some good news and some bad news regarding Redwall. And when that’s all done I’ll be asking for your help.

First: the good news…which is really very good. If you were watching closely a few months ago you would have seen the pitch page we put up that revealed we were seeking $1.2m in funding for The Warrior Reborn. The timing of that page going live was deliberate for two reasons. First, we were just starting IDF in San Francisco and for the first time we were going to show one of our “final-ish” character designs in the public – Neebrock the Badger. Up to that point it had all been concept art and sketches but this was the real deal. We were a little anxious to see how people responded but we anticipated positive response and we got it. So riding that wave just a little to our pitch page was an easy link. But the second thing was much more tangible. When I left IDF and the City by the Bay I flew to beautiful, downtown Chattanooga, TN to meet a big potential investor.

We pitched, we ate phenomenal fried chicken, and then we waited…until last week.

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that one of the most well known names in the world of philanthropy has decided to honor us with their friendship and material support…and this is a huge break for us. (It’s also considered tacky to mention them by name…or so I’m told.)

You may be wondering why a foundation known for funding non-profit enterprises is working with us and it’s a great question. The short answer is that they recently started an initiative to get behind for-profit efforts that feature “socially responsible content” and Soma Games met their criteria. There’s a longer answer too but I’ll put that aside for another post down the road.
(If you’re into the details, this is an upstream investment – as opposed to a purchase of Redwall units – that includes funds to be channeled through Soma Games and made available for Redwall game development. We expect the funding agreement to be completed and signed in the next few weeks.)

Once we got the news it was less than a day before people were congratulating us (it appears to be a rather small world) and additional interest came to the table almost immediately. In fact, with all the recent activity our $1.2M raise has gone from ~15% committed to ~80% committed in just two weeks. We still plan to raise a bit more to cross the finish line for our full budget but judging by recent events that’s feeling reasonably likely. (He says with legally required fiscal ambiguity…) We’ve been working on getting all these ducks lined up for for over a year now and it’s been a lot of hard work. I always had faith that it’d come together but it’s a little surreal to finally be here on the cusp. And the timing couldn’t be better. The decision comes just as we’re wrapping up G Prime and we’re ready to hit the ground running.

For anybody who’s had an eye on this topic for a while I imagine this begs a certain question: “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” you might say, “I that you were already working on The Warrior Reborn.” Well we have been – you’re correct – and we’ve been sharing bits and pieces of that ongoing work since late 2013. But as a small indie shop, budgets are always constrained and we decided a while back that to do the game right, to do it well, we were going to need some help. We could have squeezed it out on our own resources but it would have been … less. Getting this kind of financial support means we can do more, do it better, and do it sooner.


I also said I would need your help.

For this to go just right and according to plan we still need to close a small funding gap. As of this writing, we need about another 20% to get across the finish line. When the AbbeyCraft Kickstarter ran we had a lot of people asking us about the adventure game and how they could directly participate in that but up until today we’ve been coy – now we know. To keep everything tidy we’re limiting our applicants to accredited investors in the US* with a $25k minimum investment and more details can be found on the pitch page (www.somagames.com/redwall/pitch) It only takes a few doctors, dentists, and Apple retirees to bring this to a close but we need your help to spread the word. The deal has been filed as a 506(c) so were allowed to say some things, but not everything, without running afoul of general solicitation laws. The point is: it’s ok to share these details out in the world.

Alternately, if you’re not an investor, but still want to pitch in financially, we’ve created this page where you can do that. For legal reasons we don’t want to technically make these game pre-sales…but in the end – a dollar is a dollar. Every cent that we raise through people pitching in is money we don’t need to raise from investors so both paths lead to the same goal. If anything, the more ‘pitch in’ dollars that come in the better position we’ll be in for game #2…

To help facilitate the efforts to spread the word we’ve created the following two pages:
Selected Pages, Links and Articles to Like and Share
Quick and Easy ways to Tweet, Share, And view the News

We used pages very much like these during the AbbeyCraft Kickstarter and found they were an excellent way to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. We’l plan to keep these pages live until we’ve closed our funding round – and with your help that could happen very quickly.

I should be clear about something many of you will want to know: at this point, given the support we’ve already raised and the funding we’ve already committed internally – we’re in a really strong place and while nothing is ever a sure thing, we can make the game we want to make with what we have already. What remains is proper funding of the less sexy elements like strong quality assurance, appropriate marketing, and the things that make the difference between a good game and a successful game. The better game 1 does overall – the more likely game 2 will get greenlit – so this is a play with a long-term angle.

While I’ve got you reading, allow me to share a hare of additional news. We have the honor of again being hosted by Intel at GDC in the coming weeks. We showcased Neebrock at IDF but at GDC you’ll get to see an expanded Cloak & Badger RealSense game featuring an as-yet-unnamed member of the Long Patrol. So come see us in San Francisco and say hi.

As for the bad news…just kidding. There’s no bad news. 🙂


* Sorry beloved UK supporters. This time out the paperwork for international filing was just too onerous. But if you contact us and let us know you’re interested and in what way, we’ll promise to loop you in when (and if) the next game starts spinning up.


  1. I had another question come to mind. What devices is it going to be able to be played on? And will it perhaps be on the PC?

  2. Hello, what nice update!

    have you planned to do a patreon? That would be nice for the last 20% needed.

    And by the way, I dont know who is the artist, but that is some great artwork

    • Patreon…well that’s interesting. I’d never heard of that before but it looks interesting.
      We’ll take a look and see if it’s a fit. Thanks for the idea Aleks! 🙂

  3. I have a question. I don’t know if any of you other Redwall fans are wondering it too or not.. But, are other creatures going to be playable? I know I’d kind of like to be an otter, or a squirrel. What characters are you for sure planning on having be playable?

    • Hi Ethan,
      We’ve been pretty coy about these kinds of details mostly so that we don’t accidentally say something that sounds like a commitment only to find out too late that it didn’t make the final build. But I can tell you that we do plan to have three playable races in V1…and one of those is a squirrel. 🙂

    • i’m a fan of foxes but i don’t know how well that would fit in with the whole theme.
      could there also be a different area and charecters like a salamandastron area/game mode/ thing? that would be cool.

      your undying support,
      Ezekiel Mikel

  4. Absoballylutely marvelous. Keeping us fans in-the-know, eh wot? I say! Jolly bloomin’ super wheeze there, by jove. When it comes to a Redwall game by Soma, no news is bad news, wot wot! That’s the ticket, chaps!

  5. Spiffing!
    I suppose since the Kickstarter ended, the funds given through the above “pitch in” method do not accrue the same pledge rewards as they otherwise would’ve through Kickstart? I don’t know if that matters anymore of is important. Just curious.

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