Ye Olde Redwall Minecraft

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See where it all started for building a Redwall game world.

  • The Corsair’s Last Treasure
    • Dryditch Fever has shown its fearsome maw in the peaceful Mossflower village of Lilygrove, a short journey from the famed healers of Redwall Abbey. The Corsair’s Last Treasure is a Minecraft adventure map that casts the player as a new novice healer at Redwall who must undertake an epic quest to locate the rare herbs needed to treat the deadly disease. Battle spiders, solve riddles, and trace the footsteps of a vile pirate Deadeye from ages long past who hid the curative Flowers fo Icetor behind walls of dastardly traps. But you must hurry! The fate of the peaceful villagers lies in your hands!
    • This adventure was Soma Games first introduction to the world of Redwall and the fruit of a 2014 Kickstarter.We are now posting this download here for safe keeping.
    • You can learn more on the Redwall Wiki:
  • AbbeyCraft
    • When Soma Games completed The Corsair’s Last Treasure it encompassed a space of roughly 16 sq/km in the vicinity of Mossflower Wood immediately surrounding Redwall Abbey. But as we worked we began expanding the footprint and eventually launched AbbeyCraft – a Minecraft server that sought to describe at least the broad geography of the Redwall continent as depicted in the Redwall Riddler map. The server ran for many years with a tremendous amount of additional work added by fans but alas – we found it beyond our ability o keep the server updated and maintained as the Minecraft codebase, and the required supporting plug-ins, continued to evolve.
    • We are now posting a snapshot of that world as it stood on ??? of 2020 for free distribution. If you feel the call to post and update a Redwall server of your own, feel free to do so with our full blessing.