We just got some great news: Praxis Labs (FB/TW) has selected Soma Games as one of their 2014 ‘not-just-for-profit’ Fellows – and we’re…

Well, we’re a lot of things. We’re humbled. We’re jazzed. We’re honored. We’re incredulous. We’re proud. We’re scared.

Praxis Labs was launched in 2012 during Q Idea’s annual conference when it was in Portland, OR – our backyard. Q is a kind of Christian TED, or a think tank that tries to make some ancient concepts practical and relevant to modern times and they have a central notion (which I agree with) that America, and probably the world, is in a ‘post-christian’ time and that insight requires people of faith to think about things in a very different way then we maybe did just 20 years ago. Praxis, like Q, also puts a premium on the ideas of ‘impact’ in a very practical incarnation – talk is cheap and spiritual feel-good talk can be both cheap and ultimately do more harm than good. Praxis Labs has seen ink in several high-profile publications like the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and on Fox Business. Previous fellows include cutting edge enterprises like Fig, Matchbook LearningRare GenomicsTegu, and Care for AIDS just to name a few. And while I’m dropping names, the list of mentors who participate reads like a who’s-who list with a significant tilt toward toward high tech, including a partner at Kleiner-Perkins, and a co-founder of EA. In short – this accelerator program stands to put Soma Games in front of some really influential folks…can we handle it?

Without a doubt, our participation with Praxis will be a huge opportunity to learn, to hone our craft and to do what we love at a higher level but there’s something deeper that means much more to me – but it’s a little hard to say succinctly.

It’d be hard to count the number of times we’ve heard something like this, “You’re believers? And you’re making video games? for the mainstream?…I’ve never even heard of such a thing.”

Lonely RobotGoing back to our first trip to CGDC in 2005 we’ve always known that we were part of a pretty small group and one that wasn’t very well connected to one another. Over the years we’ve made some strides to find and make connections with folks of like minded purpose but the road has been pretty darn lonely to be candid.

From there – I must say that it feels really good to be noticed for what we’re doing and for folks who we’d naturally admire to  see something interesting and valuable in our mission, our work. That’s something that is really hard to put a value on. It makes me feel like the recognition and affirmation may be the golden apple here.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like Soma Games is this angst-ridden group of wallflowers just waiting to be asked to dance. We’re all excited about our work, we love our jobs, and we look forward to what happens next. Still – Having a group like Praxis come alongside and say, “Nice work guys – can we help?” that just make me smile.

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