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As John Eldredge and his son Blaine discuss in the podcast, envy is very prevalent, but is often hidden because it’s not enjoyable; it’s also more socially acceptable. The language you use regarding envy and jealousy matters. Be honest with your motivations and take the time to check your heart. Envy can be veiled in many different ways. Repent of envy. Repent of your malice towards others. God loves uniquely — spend your energy seeking, accepting, and receiving what he has for y-o-u.



  1. Was the distinction between envy and jealousy helpful for you? If so, how?
  2. Can you identify envy in your life? If so, what does that look like?
  3. Can you identify a situation in which you may have been the victim of someone else’s envy? If so, is there any relational restoration that you can pursue?



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