There are many personality tests available and we even use a few of them here at Soma. This one Chris discovered through his church really caught our eye though. It measures and describes how a person best connects with God, a spiritual pathway test. We love learning about different ways to approach God. And getting out of our comfort zone can help us reach new levels of experiencing God’s voice, guidance, and love in our lives. This week we explore spiritual pathways and we even took the free assessment. Enjoy!

This Week’s Session Resources:


Worship Set:




Spiritual Pathways Test


Discussion Questions:

Did the results of your test surprise you?


In the areas that you scored low, do you feel challenged or excited to try a new way of connecting with God?


Do you think the way you were raised had an influence on your results?



Exploring Deeper:

If you want to explore this topic in-depth we have found The Celebration of Discipline to be very helpful.