One of the hardest things we can learn is to love others the way God intends. We try, but we do not always succeed. It’s important to remember that even though we may not love well, we are still lovable. In this video from a 2013 Boot Camp from Ransomed Heart ministries, Craig McConnell describes the ways we can fall short in our relationships through our “relational styles.” These three relational styles are: move toward, move against, and move away. While Craig notes that these relational styles each have their own advantages, there are negative aspects within them that can damage our relationships and distort the love that God calls us to have for one another.

Change can be stressful and uncomfortable, but being fully present in our relationships and loving well can heal, restore, and improve our interactions with loved ones. As we navigate the beautiful mess of life, sometimes the best thing we can do is accept whatever comes and do our best to relate to one another and communicate well. In these videos, Chris and John talk about their relational styles and how they have been challenged by this process. Relationships are key, and learning to love well is one of the greatest things a person can do in life. God calls us to love one another, so how can we learn to love others through our own relational styles? Get ready to dive into this week’s Tempus Divum!





  1. What is your relational style? (See these explained here on this chart from Become Good Soil (PDF)
  2. What are some of the ways you feel your relational style has positively and negatively affected your relationships?
  3. Is God leading you to improve some area of your relationship style? If so, what are some small goals you can make this week?


This week’s worship music:

Fall Afresh” by Bethel Music

How He Loves” by David Crowder

Shout to the North” by Maranatha Music

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