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In the midst of this earthly conflict, how much do you think about the spiritual realm that Jesus talked about so often? Do you feel confident about the authority that God has given you? Do you trust in Him? There is a war going on that we cannot see, and it affects us far more than we know. 

In this sermon, Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church describes the different “heavens” that surround us. (1) The earthly, tangible heaven made for us by God. (2) The spiritual war that affects our earthly realm. (3) And lastly, the heaven of God’s eternal love and salvation that awaits us. 

We aren’t made to live in fear. The painful problems of this world are serious and deep-rooted, yes. But in the midst of this spiritual warfare, there is an almighty God waiting to give us insight and authority over the conflicts and chaos that the enemy sends our way. 

Kris Vallotton gives real examples from his life about how he experienced the power of healing and authority to vanquish evil. It is only through divine wisdom that we fulfill our purpose to be ministers of reconciliation, and vessels of mercy. How can you use God’s love to reconcile and bring mercy around you during these trying times? We hope you enjoy this conversation on spiritual warfare from Bethel.TV.



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  1. Kris Vallotton talked about how we as Christians tend to have a theological relationship with the 2nd Heaven, but not a spiritual one. How would you describe your relationship with the spiritual realm of God, especially the 2nd and 3rd heaven? 
  2. How have you noticed the spiritual warfare affecting your present circumstances?
  3. What can we do better to take care of ourselves and recognize our authority in Jesus?


This week’s worship music:

“Not Alone” by RED

“Way Maker” by Leeland

“Heal Our Land” by Kari Jobe