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Humanity is currently facing a crisis. But this is not a recent disaster or epidemic. The crisis that we face today is one that has followed us for generations: a crisis of hope. In his book “All Things New,” John Eldredge, (renowned author, public speaker, and leader of Wild at Heart ministry) covers this very topic. The hope that we’re searching for is at the very core of Jesus’ promise to us. Not only a promise of eternal life, but a “renewal of all things” (Matthew 19: 28). So we ask ourselves, how does this renewal take place? 

The concept of a renewed earth is important because it speaks deep healing to our worldly pain and loss. Not only will we experience God’s glory and presence, but we will also witness the return of all things promised and lost. 

The future we envision for ourselves with Christ must act as our beacon of truth, or as Hebrews says an “anchor for our souls.” There is nothing else that can offer us such peace, and this promise is our best way to fight against the crisis of hope.


THIS WEEK’S RESOURCE: Video Lecture by John Eldredge



  1. What images or impressions do you have about heaven? How do those images actually make you feel? Excited? Hopeful? Or something else?
  2. How does your heart respond to the idea of a new Earth in which you live in flesh and blood? Joy? Confusion? Something in between?
  3. If today Jesus could remove just one source of pain or sorrow, what would it be?
  4. Consider scrapping your “bucket list” – the things you really want to do before you die – and trading it for an “eternity list” – one without time limits or boundaries. How would those lists be different?
  5. What difference would it make today if you had a much stronger, clearer sense of what comes after death? If you knew for certain that for the friends of Jesus nothing is lost, what would change now?


“Beautiful Things” by Gungor

“New Wine” by Hillsong

“Fall Afresh” by Amanda Cook & Bethel Music