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Most of our Tempus Divum episodes draw content from our favorite authors, speakers, and mentors but occasionally the flow of the lesson delves into somewhere where we just can’t find a good resource or is something we add to the conversation ourselves. In these cases we’ll either publish a recording of our own internal Jesus Time session or we’ll go the extra step and film our own material to be used here. Today’s episode is such a case.


Introducing The Crux

A central theme in the Tempus Divum material is training to become whole and holy kings and queens in the Kingdom of God – the kinds of people our father is happy to share His kingdom with just as Jesus says. After looking at the Hero’s Journey as one very informative framework, and the Stages of Maturity as a second, we come to the point where these models meet – Knighthood.


THIS WEEK’S RESOURCE: Video of The Crux Discussion at Jesus Time


  1. How have you interpreted the hard parts of your life? What agreements have you made in times of struggling?
  2. Where do you feel behind? Where do you feel put upon? How do you handle your heart in these places?
  3. Consider your typical prayers. Are you praying for comfort and things to return to normal? Or are you praying for strength and more ammunition to complete your task?
  4. When have you been entrusted with a degree of power? How has that gone? How did you treat the people under your care?
  5. Consider your ambition. Where are you striving and grasping? Where are you patient and willing to let Jesu lift you up in His time?


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