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Most of our Tempus Divum episodes draw content from our favorite authors, speakers, and mentors but occasionally the flow of the lesson delves into somewhere where we just can’t find a good resource or is something we add to the conversation ourselves. In these cases we’ll either publish a recording of our own internal Jesus Time session or we’ll go the extra step and film our own material to be used here. Today’s episode is such a case.


On 7 Pillars:

When Paul says “Don’t you know the saints will judge the world? That you’ll judge angles?” it leaves most of us saying, “umm…no. I definitely did NOT know that.” and yet there it is. We see this verse and it inspires us to take the charge very seriously and soberly. We see this responsibility and look for ways to prepare our hearts for such weighty matters as justice, government, and royalty.

Today’s topic asks the question, “If you really were the Lord over cities as scripture suggests, what would you do? How would you govern if your say was THE say?” and from there we propose some heavy things to consider.



  1. Have you ever thoughtfully considered this idea of how you would govern a god-granted sphere of authority in the Restoration of All Things? If not – why not?
  2. What objections immediately come to your heart? Diminishment? Disbelief? Disqualification? Where do those objections come from?
  3. Which of the 7 pillars caught your attention most? Which was the least interesting? Why?
  4. What is your personal history with each of the pillars? Have you seen them governed well? Or poorly? What was the effect on your life and those around you?
  5. Did any other foundational institutions come to mind as warranting consideration? Given this list, did you sense that anything was missing?