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We have to preface this topic with a word of encouragement. In the midst of Advent in the notorious 2020, we find ourselves leaning towards comfort and certainty. That perhaps, by refusing to question and research, we can feel safe by believing in what we already know. The Star of Bethlehem offers an in-depth look at the events of the Christmas star, and challenges what we believe to be true. 

At its core, The Star of Bethlehem uses evidence cited in the Bible, historical accounts, and astronomy to determine the source of this miraculous event. Author and lawyer Rick Larson share his exploration of this topic, and while it may be uncomfortable to dive deep, we should look at this movie as a chance to celebrate the joy of the incarnation. 

The reputation of faith vs. science has been a conflicting topic for ages. We remind ourselves that to prove what we believe in defeats the purpose of faith. While we do not always understand what goes on in our world or the miraculous accounts in the Bible, we rely on God as the One with more power and wisdom than we will ever comprehend. 

We invite you to experience this movie with a joyous heart and a curious mind. We offer prayer from the Soma SoulWorks team, a prayer that God will bless you and your loved ones. God, we lift up this community, and we know you will cover them with love and ask that you keep them safe, happy, and healthy during this season.


THIS WEEK’S RESOURCE: The Star of Bethlehem Documentary



  1. What is your relationship with awe and wonder in your faith? When was the last time you actually experienced Jesus as awe-some?
  2. How have you looked at the relationship between science and reason and the many weird stories in the bible? Have you experienced a sense of conflict or tension there?
  3. How does an “explanation” like this movie hit your heart? Happiness? Skepticism? What is the fruit of either path in yourself or others?
  4. Consider the idea that God literally had all these events planned and dated and baked into the laws of planetary motion from the beginning of creation – that it was all there to learn for those who have “eyes to see”


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