This week we explore the power of love and respect in the workplace. Well known marriage counselor and author, Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D. for years has offered his Love and Respect conferences and guides for marriages. In this series, he applies those same principles to managers and employees. We have enjoyed Eggerich’s work and as a team found it helpful for navigating conflict, having hard conversations and making the work environment not only healthy but more productive. And for us, that also means more creative. 

This Week’s Session Resources:


Worship Set:



Episode 115 – Have You Seen These Crazy Cycles Between Managers and Employees?

Discussion Questions:

What are some recent conflicts you have had in the office and how could this concept help resolve them? (feel free to talk about past jobs if you are not comfortable talking about your current workplace)


Do you think it goes both ways? Love (or care) for both employees and managers as well as respect?


How can you start actively where you are in practice these concepts in the workplace?


Exploring Deeper:

If you want to bring this to your own workplace Love and Respect offers it here