Jesus said many things about denying everything and following him. It is easy to pass over these words and not dig deeper into how they apply to us today. Apply dying to self to your career, marriage, raising kids, business and our own creativity and we quickly feel nervous. What does he mean “everything”? What does it mean to decrease and let God increase in our lives? Does it involve sackcloth, honey, and locust? One of our favorite stories is Jesus explaining to Nicodemus in John 3:1-36 what it means to be born again. Think about it. If we are re-born, we begin again, just like we did when we were born into this world. We show up naked and basically useless. God wants us to be the same way spiritually. It is a pretty cool but radical idea. We hope you enjoy this message from Grace Chapel Church in Wilsonville, Oregon

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Discussion Questions:

What were some of your first reactions to the message?


Are there areas you know right away that still need to die for Christ to live more fully in your life?


In your life what do you think Jesus’ words means in Luke 14:33?