This week’s episode is centered around the And Sons interview of Bart Gavigan, an international filmmaker, screenwriter, and devoted follower of God. While growing up in a life of poverty and hardships in Ireland and London, Gavigan gave his life to God and has been along for the ride ever since. Throughout his career as a filmmaker, he’s been able to build his career and make connections among Hollywood’s A-listers, yet he has also witnessed mass healings and incomprehensible suffering around the world. Through all of this, Bart Gavigan has been able to not only balance his work and spiritual growth, but also prioritize God above all else. That includes listening for God’s voice and saying “no” to certain opportunities, because, as Gavigan says, he gave God permission to open and close the doors in his life a long time ago.

Through Gavigan’s quest, we find ourselves making connections to our own lives, and confronting certain challenges with that. Trying to serve the world through whatever you do. Following God’s voice and not only listening to it. Pursuing intimacy with God for a greater understanding of your life’s purpose. We encourage you to tackle the questions below in this week’s Tempus Divum.





How do you balance professional goals and following God’s plan for your life?

How have you been able to make an impact and spiritually grow through your profession?

What does it mean to hear God’s voice? To follow it? What are some of the challenges of letting God open and close doors for us?


“In Over My Head” by Jenn Johnson

“Still In Control” by Mack Brock

“Spirit Lead Me” by Michael Ketterer and Influence Music


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