Right now, fear is swirling around in the world causing panic and anxiety. Christian or not, those who can afford to stock up on “essentials” to make sure they brace themselves and their families for whatever may come. While there are many who also reach out to help their neighbors who may be in need, there remains a lurking spirit of fear and trepidation in the effort to preserve resources and life.

We try to preserve our own lives because we cherish living. We want to protect others because we want them to live full and satisfying lives, too. We don’t want to see those we love in pain… or die.

This may seem controversial, but is death the worst thing? Consider this: Is being afraid to die worse than actually dying? Being afraid to die — being afraid to not live — costs a lot. It costs time. It costs energy. It costs joy.

Jesus lived his life on earth knowing the most important thing he would do was die. He lived knowing that his time on earth was limited, but his time on earth had enormous purpose. He knew his purpose because he lived in close relationship with his Father. We, too, because of Christ’s death and resurrection, also have the ability to live in close relationship with our Father. The death and resurrection of Jesus is the most important event we could ever hope for, because it means we also can have a relationship with God. Because Jesus died and was raised, so all who believe in him will be. We no longer need to fear death.

In this life, we may be asked to sacrifice life as we know it for a bigger purpose than we can see. Jesus knew why he was brought to earth to life and die, but what we are called to sacrifice is often part of the bigger story we don’t always get to understand. In these crazy times we live in, don’t let yourself succumb to the fear of death. We know the Giver of Life, and the greatest purpose for our lives may be giving some or all of it away.








  1. What do you think about the concept of our bodies being resurrected? Was this new for you?
  2. How, if at all, does this change your perspective on how to live?



This week’s worship music:

“Ain’t No Grave” by Bethel Music

“Christ is Risen” by Matt Maher

“Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin

Consider other verses on the topic of life, death, and resurrection. Here are a few places to start: John 11:25-26, 1 Corinthians 15:12-28, and Matthew 10:39. Interested in sharing others you find? Please email us at tempusdivum@somagames.com.