Tempus Divum has moved! We are now the Soma SoulWorks podcast!

Our Tempus Divum program has evolved into a much larger and more mature iteration that we are very proud of. You can check it all out at somasoulworks.org!


What is Tempus Divum all about?

At Soma, we are all about building the kingdom of God through powerful media, stories, games, and art. While we are not a “Christian Game Company,” we are a group of Christians making games and media — which means part of our professional work involves providing spiritual support for our team. That’s why, every Wednesday morning, we hold optional “Jesus Time”, to support each other in our spiritual growth and connect as a community. Each week this time is led by a different team member, and often involves some kind of worship or meditative music, prayer, as well as something to challenge or educate us: a video, podcast, or sermon on a meaningful topic that we discuss together after listening. So how does Tempus Divum fit into this? Well, Tempus Divum just means Divine Time in Latin. Not wanting to hold all these great discoveries and lessons to ourselves, we have decided to offer them up for you, for free. We will post new discoveries here as bi-monthly posts. You can subscribe to our email list if you don’t want to miss a single one.

Would you like to join us in Tempus Divum?

Finding a community of faith-based creators can be tough. Many Christians don’t believe artists have a role to play in building the kingdom, and many arts-based communities aren’t focused on faith. But our work is based on both faith and creativity — and we believe firmly that those two ideas are mutually dependent, not mutually exclusive. We all need both; our father created us for both. Both are essential for our spiritual growth.

As a creative company made up of Christians, we’re in a unique position to provide resources and community for like-minded creators. We can’t create a community for you but we can give you the resources to grow and to create your own group, community or fellowship. Every other week we will post a short video explaining the topic of the week and why it’s important to Soma; a playlist of song links for worship; the resource of the week (an externally curated podcast, video, or sermon) as well as discussion points for a small-group discussion; and additional resources for digging deeper.