PtolemyShotsThere’s an old saying that you never really finish a poem, you just give up on it.

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, sometime this month we expect to submit G Prime to Microsoft and call it “done.”  – I’m practically giddy.

When we started our first game, G: Into The Rain, we had no idea what we were doing and the “how hard could it be” attitude came crashing into the complex reality of video game development like a raw egg meeting the cast iron skillet. When we finally launched several months later it was bittersweet. On the one hand I was happy with what we’d done but many, many compromises had to be made along the way and there was a part of me that was sad at all the things that we couldn’t do or had to be left out.

Feature and content cuts notwithstanding, we pushed forward without looking back and before long started building a sequel. But The Storm Riders, primarily for budget reasons, languished for years and even though it was probably ~70% complete within the following year we just never found the time to tie it off. When things finally stabilized and we stated thinking seriously about finishing it four years had passed since the launch of the first iteration of G. That’s a long time-gap to expect folks to remember the story and understand it as a sequel. So we decided instead to rebuild our very first game as a way to reboot the whole series, and that’s where we are today.

I am so thrilled at all the things we’ve been able to get into G Prime. It feels like the game we all wanted to make back in 2009 and it’s been an absolute blast to resurrect all of the unpublished content from the backstory to the character development not to mention all the technological tricks we’ve learned since then. Even more exciting, and something that blows my mind when I think of the synchronicity of it, we made G for iPhone as a deep compromise from our “big idea” of making games for the Xbox 360. Now it’s like we’re not just rebooting a game, but with G Prime being accepted into the [email protected] program it’s like we’re rebooting the whole company in a sense! Or rather, that we’ve come a full spiral around the mountain and we’ve climbed a fair piece in the process. So it’s not that Soma Games is in anycommitment way calling the last 7 years a mulligan, but rather that we’ve grown and we’re returning to first principles and goals with hard won wisdom.

If somebody had told me in 2008 that we’d need to spend six years just getting ready to get ready I doubt I would have ever but my hand to plow. But here we are today, coming home to XBox with the game we really wanted to make and so much exciting stuff in front of us. A much overlooked but critical aspect to the Monomyth is that the Hero MUST return home. He brings with him something new that he gained on his quest, and he brings that sword/strength/wisdom to serve the community that gave him birth.

If there is a moral to the story at this point it’s probably something like a cat poster..but in space.

PS, after Xbox One – Next stop: Steam

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