It’s here!

The Lost Legends or Redwall interactive fiction app is live around the world!

The Lost Legends of Redwall is a collection of tales set in Brian Jacques’ iconic Mossflower Wood. Embark on one of three quests and live the adventure in these choice-based titles featuring

  • Deep, rich narrative experiences with multiple endings to discover
  • Stylish and emotive character artwork and handpainted backdrops
  • A variety of new and familiar settings, from Redwall and Kotir to the Winsome Wraith and Humbleback Village
  • All-new music from the composers behind “The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout”
  • For at home or on the go, bite-sized yet binge-able format
  • Turn any mobile gamer into an avid reader with these Lost Legends of Redwall!

The Wildcat Scroll

A clan of wildcats is making its way to Redwall, and the rumor is they’re threatening war if their demands aren’t met. You, young mouse, must take on the role of Warrior, Healer, or Scholar to unravel the truth and save Redwall from certain demise! 5+ hours of content for each of the three routes.










The Caverns of Kotir

War consumes Mossflower, but a hidden scroll may be the key to ending Queen Tsarmina’s reign of terror. Assume the role of Gillig the otter to find the scroll and defeat the foes that stand in your path. A streamlined retelling of the conversational text adventure launched on Alexa, iOS, Android, and Steam in November of 2018.









The Flowers of Icetor

The dreadful Dryditch Fever has returned! The secret to the cure lies deep in the Northern Mountains, but time is running out. It’s up to you to save Mossflower Wood before all is lost! A colorful adaptation of the Abbeycraft Minecraft adventure map launched as part of the original Kickstarter campaign from 2013.









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