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Quick Info

Developer:  Soma Games from Newberg, Oregon
Release Dates:   September 14th,  2018
Future DLC Content: Updates, new upgrades, and equipment, upgradable stats/abilities for your character, new environments and missions.
Platforms:  PC, Mac, Steam 
Website:  LegendsofRedwall.com
Price:  $14.99
Availability:  Download on Steam
File Size:  5.2 GB
Press Contact:  John Bergquist | adamans@somagames.com
Social:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
Media Assets:  Download zip

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Comments, Reviews, and Awards



“This game is absolutely beautiful!” – cmeert


“As a kid I watched the tv show and as a teen I read the books. Now my dream of a Redwall game has come true. ” – jack_knight


“I have read nearly every Redwall Book, Its my favorite series of all time. The characters, plot, interaction and we can’t forget the food… omg the food. Even though this game is in early development, it brings back memories of reading the books. It makes me feel like im in the story.” – Jackfr0stx



“The Lost Legends of Redwall™” is inspired by the wildly popular characters created by Brian Jacques’ in the “Redwall™” best-selling book series, published by and on behalf of Penguin Random House.

“The Lost Legends of Redwall™” is a proud collaboration between Redwall Abbey Company Ltd, Penguin Random House UK and Soma Games. Together we have nurtured a product that we believe captures the original heart of Brian Jacques’ masterpiece. Between authentic musical scores, digitally sculpted art, an inspired narrative, and an original dynamic scent system “The Lost Legends of Redwall™” hopes to earn its place among the influential games of the new millennium.



We are proud to release the first episode of “The Scout”, called “Lilygrove”. We will be releasing further episodes of “The Scout” continuing Liam and Sophia’s adventure in the coming months.

“The Scout” is the first episode of “The Lost Legends of Redwall™” and is best understood as a stealth-adventure game and takes place in the middle of winter.

“The Scout” tells the story of a mouse [ET1] who is driven to Redwall Abbey when sea rats raid the peaceful village of Lilygrove.  Not too far from the storied walls of Redwall Abbey is a small village of mice and moles called Lilygrove. Our hero, Sophia, is the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, a group of woodland rangers tasked with the protection of the little village and trained in the ancient ways of woodcraft. But her graduation is cut short by the sudden raid from a band of sea rats led by the brutal wearet, Scumsnout. It will take all of her wit and guile to make it out alive!

The events of “The Scout” play out along the ancient, but now altered, course of the mighty River Moss. What was once a wide river is now the sunken bed of a seasonal creek that that runs east-west between Redwall Abbey and the Great South Stream that feeds the swamps south and east of Salamandastron. The player must find a way through the confusing snow-covered channel punctuated by occasional hedgerows, ancient stone walls, scattered shacks, and the few-and far-between hearths of friendly woodlanders.  Along the way there is untold adventure to include (of course) feasting, fiddling, and even a few fisticuffs as we meet Valo Scrimpaw, the mysterious stoat who lives in the Winsome Wraith, Scumsnout the murderous weret and the mysterious, ghostly assistance when all seems lost.


“The Scout” debuts a dynamic scent system unlike any game before it. Rather than stagnant, pre-designed paths that imitate scent, particles read the wind and the world to simulate realistic currents and pools. Scents themselves consist of parts and patterns that can clue the observant player can use to discern the source.

Outside of scent “The Scout” is alive both friend and foe each sporting their own stories, values, and motives. It’s up to the player to decide whether they will prioritize the mission and leave them to save themselves, or take the time to lend a helping paw.

As a new member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, you may not be able to fight, but you’re clever, fast, and capable of some amazing leaps and daring stunts. Shimmy along ledges, scramble sheer cliffs, even squeeze through impossibly small spaces. With courage, faith, and friends by your side, Lilygrove’s fate rests in your paws.


  • A deep, compelling storyline
  • Original composed and performed soundtrack Voice overs from both new and established actors
  • New dynamic scent system(Future updates) A uniquely inspired Food Crafting system with actual consequence (Future updates) Saved data that carries to other games in the series

    (Possible future build) 2 Playable Characters

    (Possible future build) multiplayer minigame



Official Trailer: The Scout


Game Play Video (Coming Soon)



Screenshots and Gif Animations

THE LOST LEGENDS OF REDWALL™: THE SCOUT © SOMA Games LLC, The Redwall Abbey Company Limited and The Random House Group Limited, 2018. All rights reserved.

The Redwall Abbey Company Limited is the owner of the rights, copyrights and trade marks for REDWALL, BRIAN JACQUES and the characters, their names and the settings relating to the REDWALL™ books. All rights reserved.


  1. Decent list, but I don’t think USFIV deserved the top spot. SFIV in general played it way too safe, and honestly the other games on this list (like Skullgirls and Injustice 2) are way more inventive with their approach to the genre

  2. I use to suck bad in SFIV, so I just grinded Yang online. Lost for like two or three days straight, but I kept learning. I didn’t take the losses personally, so I didn’t get angry or depressed. I just kept going, and finally, I met a guy about 3 letter ranks above me who kept spamming projectiles, so I would cancel them out, tumbled under one and launched the MF’er into the sky with an EX skill add on and comboed him on landing, later on I landed a super and he was out. It felt so damn good to finally win on my own merit. Guy stopped spamming me after that on the rematch! Lol. I think he won 2/3 full rematches, but man, I won’t forget that first one!

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