It’s Christmas time and as it our custom, it’s time to pool all of our cash we made from selling video games all year to fulfill our sole purpose — lavishing a suffocating mountain of gifts on Gavin for Christmas. Below are a few titles Gavin has been drooling over, as well as some real-world items that lend themselves to better gameplay immersion. Help us decide:



G Prime

This is a painfully obvious Christmas gift for each and every person that you know or care about.

  • Digital, so you don’t have to wait for shipping. Go and procrastinate until Christmas morning if you want – Comes pre-gift-wrapped in a decorative digital file on the internet
  • Deep, compelling storyline
  • Creative
  • Family-friendly
  • Because of science, G Prime works the part of the brain that understands physics. Trust us. We ran tests on John B.
  • It will make Chris cry (with happiness)

Get it here.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Item

Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set

This actual rocket actually launches. Keep in mind you many not be rewarded for trying to hit things with it.




Alto’s Adventure

Snowy Andean winterscapes, beautifully ambient music, and running down lamas as you backflip over a crevasse… Alto has been a favorite time-waster around these offices for hours now. Gavin and John talked at length about it the last Episode of Flurry Friday.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Item

Patagonia Ear Flap Hat

Do we really need to say anything about this? It’s stylish. Stylish people have more friends, get kissed more often, and just do better in life. Plus it will keep you warm if you’re too busy mowing down a pack of lamas to get up and turn the heater on.





The Animated Tailor of Gloucester

The Code Monkeys have accessed their soft and cuddly side. From under bowls and basins, and out of reach from one greedy cat, will the Mayor’s cherry-colored coat be finished in time? “The Animated Tailor of Gloucester” is one of a series of original classic tales from none other than Beatrix Potter. This one is especially good for sipping on hot chocolate with the little guys, or letting them read along on their own. Here’s a great review from our friends at Schooner Kids.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Item


Mostly free and easy to find, one of these small mammals could become your best friend. Unless you’re a dog person, or unless you’re allergic. Or unless you have expensive furniture that you don’t want shredded into ribbons. Fine! Go get a dog, then.





The Long Dark

Still in development, and yet one of the most popular indie games of the year, TLD might be the best survival thriller ever created. Praised for its hyper-realistic gameplay and truly dazzling artwork, this title has you staving off the biting sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian Rockies as you struggle to forage for food and avoid at all costs a face off (literally) with equally desperate predators.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Items

Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool

This thing is amazing. It took Leatherman (a fellow Portland company) many many iterations to get right, but it’s finally ready and able to change out that cracked outlet cover next to the medicine cabinet …or repair the busted hunting rifle you had to pry from the frozen corpse you found near the logging camp.


Tradlab’s FROST Axe

Our friends at Tradlabs make some incredible things. If you’ve ever had to open a beer or desperately cut a hole in the frozen lake because you’re starving to death, you know there’s nothing like the right tool for the job.





Santa’s Giftship

Most of you know that Soma is powered by fat pills (donuts). Ok, we mean the game development is powered by Over in that section of the shop we have developed many games for ourselves but also others. One we are very proud of and has been a hit on iTunes and Amazon for a couple years now is Santa’s Giftship.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Item

Marshmallow Shooter

Shoot at people who bother you, eat marshmallows. Win – win.





Saddleback Leather Chess Set

Sometimes the best game is still analog. This is one is made with full grain leather and rich mahogany.


Gameplay-Enhancing Real-World Item

Umm… a pocket protector, maybe? See above.


Merry Christmas!

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