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Quick Info

Developer:  Soma Games from Newberg, Oregon
Release Dates:   September 14th, 2018
Future Update Content: Regular updates and bug patches
Platforms:  PC, Mac, Steam 
Website:  LegendsofRedwall.com
Price:  $14.99
Availability:  Download on Steam for Mac or PC
File Size:  5.2 GB
Press Contact: Chris Skaggs | [email protected]
Social:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
Media Assets:  Download zip


Comments, Reviews, and Awards



“This game is absolutely beautiful!” – cmeert


“As a kid I watched the tv show and as a teen I read the books. Now my dream of a Redwall game has come true. ” – jack_knight


“I have read nearly every Redwall Book, Its my favorite series of all time. The characters, plot, interaction and we can’t forget the food… omg the food. Even though this game is in early development, it brings back memories of reading the books. It makes me feel like im in the story.” – Jackfr0stx


The Lost Legends of Redwall is a collection of tales set in Brian Jacques’ iconic Mossflower Wood. Embark on one of three quests and live the adventure in these choice-based titles:

The Wildcat Scroll:
A clan of wildcats is making its way to Redwall, and the rumor is they’re threatening war if their demands aren’t met. You, young mouse, must take on the role of Warrior, Healer, or Scholar to unravel the truth and save Redwall from certain demise!

The Caverns of Kotir:
War consumes Mossflower, but a hidden scroll may be the key to ending Queen Tsarmina’s reign of terror. Assume the role of Gillig the otter to find the scroll and defeat the foes that stand in your path.

The Flowers of Icetor:
The dreadful Dryditch Fever has returned! The secret to the cure lies deep in the Northern Mountains, but time is running out. It’s up to you to save Mossflower Wood before all is lost!

  • Deep, rich narrative experiences with multiple endings to discover
  • Stylish and emotive character artwork and handpainted backdrops
  • A variety of new and familiar settings, from Redwall and Kotir to the Winsome Wraith and Humbleback Village
  • All-new music from the composers behind “The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout”
  • For at home or on the go, bite-sized yet binge-able hours of entertainment and invigorating story
  • Turn any mobile gamer into an avid reader with these Lost Legends of Redwall!


Official Trailer: The Scout


Game Play Video (Coming Soon)



Screenshots and Gif Animations

THE LOST LEGENDS OF REDWALL™: THE SCOUT © SOMA Games LLC, The Redwall Abbey Company Limited and The Random House Group Limited, 2018. All rights reserved.

The Redwall Abbey Company Limited is the owner of the rights, copyrights and trade marks for REDWALL, BRIAN JACQUES and the characters, their names and the settings relating to the REDWALL™ books. All rights reserved.


  1. Decent list, but I don’t think USFIV deserved the top spot. SFIV in general played it way too safe, and honestly the other games on this list (like Skullgirls and Injustice 2) are way more inventive with their approach to the genre

  2. I use to suck bad in SFIV, so I just grinded Yang online. Lost for like two or three days straight, but I kept learning. I didn’t take the losses personally, so I didn’t get angry or depressed. I just kept going, and finally, I met a guy about 3 letter ranks above me who kept spamming projectiles, so I would cancel them out, tumbled under one and launched the MF’er into the sky with an EX skill add on and comboed him on landing, later on I landed a super and he was out. It felt so damn good to finally win on my own merit. Guy stopped spamming me after that on the rematch! Lol. I think he won 2/3 full rematches, but man, I won’t forget that first one!

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