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Quick Info

Developer:  Soma Games from Newberg, Oregon
Release Dates:  April 30th, 2021 (Steam)
Future Update Content:  Regular updates and bug patches
Platforms:  PC
Website:  somagames.com
Price:  $9.99
Availability:  Download on Steam for Mac or PC
File Size:  4 GB
Press Contact:  Chris Skaggs | info@somagames.com
Social:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, IndieDB
Media Assets:  Download zip

Teen ESRB rating

Alcohol Reference and Fantasy Viole

Comments, Reviews, and Awards

“if you love the lore of Redwall, and a compelling story, and are a fan of the classic puzzle platformers of old, you’ll enjoy this.” -Kelchan

“A massive improvement from act 1! Overall, I had a lot of fun with it. I can see Soma has improved greatly since the last game’s updates.” – iratethelaptop

If you liked Act I, chances are you’ll enjoy this one too. There are new characters with plenty of personality … The artworks are lovely as before and the soundtrack is great. – General_Red


Step into the epic, story-rich world of Mossflower in the first official Redwall story since 2011. “The Scout” is a linear action-adventure game told in three acts. Play as Liam or Sophia, the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, as the young mice find themselves on the journey of a lifetime to save their home from ruthless pirates. Will they reach Redwall and save their friends before all is lost?

The Scout Act 2
The beacon is lit, troops rally to fend off the invading searats, and Liam reunites with his dear Sophia beneath the Lilygrove Lighthouse, but not all is well. Scumsnout’s vengeful cries can be heard in the distance and it is revealed that our Scout’s betrothed has been poisoned by the wereat’s venomous bite. With no time to spare, the couple race to the Winsome Wraith, where a mysterious and dangerous stoat may have the antidote they seek. As if things weren’t bad enough, the sea rats are moving inland and the shadow of a large predatory bird lurks just at the edge of the woods.


  • A brand new original story set the winter before the events of the first book.
  • A stunning woodland world inhabited by charming critters and villainous vermin.
  • Two characters with divergent dialog for replayability.
  • Unique real-time scent mechanic fitting for woodlanders who experience the world primarily through their noses.
  • An assortment of achievements and collectables for the completionist spirit.
  • Original soundtrack created especially for fans of Redwall.
  • Fully voice acted by a talented cast of new and established actors.
  • Engaging puzzles and side stories for those who delight in world building.
  • Full controller support with multiple schemes to choose from.
  • “The Scout: Act 2” continues innovating in its dynamic scent system, unlike any game before it. The dynamic scent system has doubled in capacity introducing scent prints, tracking, masking and more.
  • When traversing the world of Mossflower, you make use of your mouse agility to explore the world in a unique and wondrous way. Shimmy along ledges, scramble sheer cliffs, and even squeeze through impossibly small spaces. With courage, faith, and friends by your side, Mossflower’s fate rests in your paws!
  • Rely on stealth, wit, and agility to evade your enemies. Manipulate dull-witted vermin with scent and scent to avoid getting caught in their grubby paws.
  • Major updates to the wayglass, slingshot, and conversation systems, which allow the player to dive even deeper into a script that is more extensive than episode one, and that continues the tales of beloved characters — as well as introducing new friends and foes.
  • Decide if you will prioritize the mission and leave the others to save themselves or take the time to lend a helping paw. Some may praise philanthropy, still others would praise pragmatism.

    The Lost Legends of Redwall™” is inspired by the wildly popular characters and world created by Brian Jacques in the Redwall best-selling book series, published by and on behalf of Penguin Random House and now announced for a major movie and TV series by Netflix.

    The Lost Legends of Redwall™” is a series of games and a proud collaboration between Redwall Abbey Company Ltd, Penguin Random House UK, and Soma Games. Together we have nurtured a product that we believe captures the original heart of Brian Jacques’ masterpiece. Lovingly crafted at every turn, The Lost Legends of Redwall™ hopes to earn its place among the influential games of the new millennium.



Gameplay features




Sophia and Liam running
Winsome Wraith on a hill
Old Moss Creek intro
Act 1 showcase of the scent system
Silversands Mine mouse cage
Prologue loading screen
Liam running across a bridge


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