Our own John Bergquist recently posted a great blog about his observations from our first night here at GDC where we attended an after-party hosted by Facebook. (BTW – thanks FB. Cool event…)

His post and our time there got me thinking about the way we are all so powerfully tempted to “make it happen” in our lives. Whether it’s when were looking for a job like all of these young men and women or any other place we find ourselves wanting something to happen so bad that patience seems like an impossibility.

We’ve been asked so many times for advice or stories on how we got Soma to the fun and exciting place we find ourselves today. But the question itself supposes that we got here by working at it – and really that just isn’t true. Sure, we’ve had a LOT of work to do, we’ve been all kinds of busy. But in reality every single one of our big breaks has happened TO us, not BY us. In short, we’ve come to deeply believe that our particular calling is to ride the wind and go where it blows. That has certainly lead to some unorthodox business decisions but the biggest benefit to all of us here has been peace.

The business card combat and brag+compete+rank activity that we see here is certainly understandable but there is another way. A Way that only makes itself apparent when you sit down long enough to let that striving impulse exhaust itself and you stick your finger up into the wind.

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