To all the folks here who are looking at game creation on AppUp (or elsewhere) we wanted to share our recent experience with the Unity Game Engine.

We’ll show a little video here but in short: UNITY ROCKS!

Since we made this video we’ve continued to be impressed with all the bodacity in this tool. The Unity Remote, for example, allows me to play my prototype in realtime on my iPhone or iPad via WiFi without having to compile. The terrain editor is a beauty to behold and integrates with all the best tools plus they just keep on rolling out additional tools to export to other platforms. The most notable recent addition here is Android.

For Soma Games, the ability to quickly deploy to a lot of different spaces is a huge plus plus. So again – if you’re a game maker, we think this tool can be of tremendous value to you and at a pretty reasonable price – as low as ZERO. Can’t hardly beat that…

PS: While we first got engaged with Unity as a game tool, the IDE really should not be overlooked for any number of other applications as it is incredibly flexible. As an example, we’re also building a purely educational app using the tool because learning about the solar system is much cooler in animated 3D…


  1. LOL! Yeah, the guys at UNITY wrote to tell me the same thing. 🙂
    Still, we need to write a part two to this post. The software continues to astound us. It is SOOOO good.

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