We generally like Apple and the iThings. Shoot – that’s been our bread and butter for about two years now. But a recent update is just lame.

In all their glorious confidence, Apple believed that the new multitasking benefit would be happiness for all.

Well guess what? We hates it – for the most part. Sure there are some apps that it is nice for. Apps like Pandora or Skype, some navigation applications… But for most applications, including ours, it’s absolutely a waste and we’re mad.

If it were an optional feature that could be added in I wouldn’t be writing this article but instead they’ve made backgrounding the default action when a user presses the home button. As a result, these apps stack up in my hidden tray and slow everything down. Especially ,my 3G phone where I don’t even have access to kill them. They also slow my 3Gs down way too much, its not SUPPOSED to do anything but when I feel like my phone is lagging the first thing I do is double-click home and remove all the apps waiting to come back from the grave. Lo and behold – it does runs faster.

If you’re a developer that is sick and tired of your app being forced to stay ready for the next start up, and you don’t want your app to bleed useless cycles off your customers’ phones – we found an answer.

If you add the simple tag “UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend” to your info.plist file and set it to true your application will no longer bog down iOS 4.0 phones.

Example Code For Your Plist:

We hope most developers will use this tag to save us all from lameness but what we REALLY hope is that Apple will turn this around and make a simple end to an app the default behavior and make backgrounding an optional add-on.

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